There are many issues that may impact a relationship including communication problems, trust issues, infidelity, sexual difficulties, financial disagreements, and differences in parenting styles.  Big life changes can have such a profound influence on relationships and sometimes that change can create tension, resentment and a lot of uncertainty.

Relationship counselling, also known as couples therapy, is a type of therapy that aims to help couples identify and address issues in their relationship. The primary goal of relationship counselling is to improve the communication, intimacy, and overall satisfaction within the relationship. We may use a variety of techniques, including cognitive-behavioural therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, and emotion-focused therapy, to help couples identify and address their issues.

During our sessions, I will typically work with both partners together, but may also meet with each partner individually to better understand their unique perspectives and experiences. There may also be homework assignments, such as practicing communication skills or working on building trust and connection activities that the couple can do outside of the therapy session.

Overall, relationship counselling can be a helpful tool for couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship and want to work towards resolving their issues and improving their relationship.

Benefits of Relationships Counselling

There are many reasons people may seek relationships counselling and it can be helpful to have a neutral person to support you in your goals and providing a space for you to deepen your relationship and connection.  Relationship counselling may help

  • Build intimacy and connection
  • Support healthy and collaborative communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Supporting you through major life changes
  • Building and enhancing respect